iDeaUSA | W200 Bluetooth Speaker from iDeaUSA Released


W200 Bluetooth Speaker from iDeaUSA Released

iDeaUSA is excited to announce the release of their newest product, the W200 Bluetooth Speaker.


The all-new W200 Bluetooth Speaker swiftly answers consumers’ demand for a smaller, more powerful Bluetooth speaker by offering features that dominate most other Bluetooth speakers at an affordable price.


The iDeaUSA W200 Bluetooth Speaker delivers a handheld, portable solution for on-the-go music. Weighing in at 1.5 pounds, the speaker is easily carried in-hand or in a bag. The new speaker from iDeaUSA features two premium 5W stereo drivers and a standalone 10W subwoofer. Many other Bluetooth speakers offer only passive radiators. With built-in Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the W200 Bluetooth Speaker is energy efficient.


Each full charge produces 10 hours of playback time, while many other Bluetooth speakers offer 8 hours of playback. The speaker’s standby time is rated at up to 300 hours.


A 2 mode equalizer makes it possible for users to seamlessly enhance the sound produced for either indoor or outdoor use with the tap of a button. iDeaUSA acknowledges that many other Bluetooth speakers do not offer this feature.


Users can easily connect with other Bluetooth devices within a 33 foot range, including computers, smartphones, and tablets with Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, iTunes, and other media sources.


With CVC 6.0 speakerphone technology, the W200 Bluetooth Speaker can be used to take calls. The feature suppresses ambient noise on handsfree calls.


Each iDeaUSA W200 Bluetooth Speaker comes with a micro USB charge cable and a 3.5mm cable. iDeaUSA proudly backs each of its newest Bluetooth speakers with a 30 day money back guarantee, 12 month warranty, and lifetime support.


The new speaker can be found on (US), (UK), and (Japan). Further information can be found at


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