iDeaUSA | iDeaUSA Announces Robust, Stylish W206 Smart Speaker


iDeaUSA Announces Robust, Stylish W206 Smart Speaker


iDeaUSA has announced the launch of the newest smart speaker in their collection, the sleek and stylish W206. The all-new speaker offers features found in more expensive smart speakers at a comfortable price point.


iDeaUSA creates innovative, economically priced smart speakers, headphones, tablets, and other electronics. Leveraging high craftsmanship and first-in-class technology, iDeaUSA couples its engineering with affordable price tags to entice consumers at all price points.


The newly released W206 delivers a flurry of features, including one 3” woofer and two 2” tweeters that offer exquisite sound. When synced
with the iDeaUSA app, owners gain unparalleled control of their audio experience by streaming Pandora, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Spotify, and more to the robust smart speaker.


The W206 makes it possible for consumers to enjoy their favorite connectivity options by offering streamlined WiFi, Bluetooth, TF card,
and aux line-in modes. AirPlay and DNLA are also compatible. Plus, with just a two hour charge, consumers can enjoy 3.5 hours of audio playback anytime, anywhere.


The stylish smart speaker was designed to fit into most decor, offering a streamlined and
bold design.


According to iDeaUSA, the major advantages of the W206 are its capability to offer both WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity in a single speaker. In addition, the company contends that its newest smart speaker provides a lower cost option to expensive smart
speakers while offering both WiFi and Bluetooth technology.


According to the audio technicians at iDeaUSA, “These are the best sounding smart
speakers to date.”


For music enthusiasts who want an affordable, robust smart speaker that can handle all their wireless audio playback needs, iDeaUSA is proud to offer a powerful option. More information about the W206 can be found at


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